Top Tips for Warehouse Inventory Organization & Management

Here at Eleets 3PL, we know that an organized warehouse makes a big difference. An unorganized mess can lead to wasted time, customer dissatisfaction, and even lost profits. Some companies find it hard to keep it all together though, especially as e-commerce sales have risen rapidly in recent years. Fortunately, we have the warehouse management tips you need to keep everything running smoothly.

Make Cleaning a Top Priority

One way to ensure that your warehouse stays organized is by making sure that cleaning is a top priority. When you keep things neat there are less chances of random items, like packing materials, getting in the way and slowing things down. You don't want workers having to move unwanted items out of the way just to get to the product they need.

Cut Down on Unwanted Personnel

It also pays to monitor the floor and make sure that there aren't a lot of unauthorized people around. Workers who are less familiar with how the warehouse is organized can cause issues. Stock could get moved to where it doesn't belong, causing your warehouse workers to miscount inventory or experience other issues. Basically, if they don't know the systems kept in place to organize your warehouse, they shouldn't be hanging around.

Don't Leave an Order for Another Shift

Occasionally orders can fall through the cracks. This is especially true if one is received during or right before a shift change and not dealt with properly. We recommend always completing orders before a shift ends so that you're getting orders properly filed away and that there are no inventory management issues.

Label Everything

If you're trying to stay organized, labels can be a huge help. Label everything that's being received. This makes it easier to identify particular products later, which means that picking and shipping are a snap. You'll boost efficiency and cut down on errors.

Put Popular Items in an Easy to Access Area

Have an item that sells particularly well? That means that your workers are going to need access to it often. Put these popular items in an easy to access area, close to the shipping area if possible. It means less labor movement and less need for equipment movement, which helps your warehouse run a bit more smoothly.

Make a Checklist for Managers

Make sure that your managers know what absolutely needs to be taken care of each day. Set up a checklist and see that they're putting away product, processing shipments before the end of shifts, and taking care of other critical tasks each day. If your managers know just what to do, they'll be a big help when you're trying to organize and manage your warehouse and its inventory.

Focus on Training

On that same note, make sure that every floor worker is on the same page. They know your system and they know how to work efficiently. Workers will be more productive and less stressed with the help of some extra guidance.

Your Warehouse Management Experts in Santa Ana, CA

With these tips your warehouse will be firing on all cylinders in no time. If you need more help, don't be afraid to call us at (714) 426-4255. Eleets 3PL has the logistics and inventory management solutions that you need.

Jennifer Macfarland