How to Choose the Right 3PL for Your Company

Here at Eleets 3PL, we know that logistics and shipping expertise have only gotten more important over the years. As online retail sales continue to rise and businesses of all sizes deal with growing volumes, more companies are going to look outside of their own ranks for logistics experience. That's where our third-party logistics company comes in.

When picking the right 3PL logistics firm for your company, there are a few considerations to make. Taking the time to find the right match can be extremely beneficial, so don't rush into anything just because your sales are growing and you don't know what to do about it. Here's a look at what factors some companies have focused on while trying to choose their best possible logistics provider.


The logistics field rarely stays calm for long. This industry can be dynamic and throw some curveballs your way, so it's always important to make sure that your 3PL logistics choice can roll with the punches. A third-party logistics firm needs to be able to adapt to changes on the ground and even make some exceptions to their normal operating procedure when it comes to serving you, their valued customer. Every firm doesn't have the same exact logistics needs after all.


Naturally the cost of a third-party logistics provider needs to be considered. You need expertise and experience, but you can find that without completely wrecking your budget. Shop around and find the best bang for your buck. A third-party logistics company in your price range may not be too hard to find.


Is your third-party logistics provider conveniently located? A 3PL warehouse that is around two days ground shipping away from your target markets is ideal for a few reasons. First, you'll be seen as more reliable to your customers since more deliveries are going to be on time. This also helps keep shipping costs down. A well located 3PL warehouse can make a huge difference.

IT Skills

A good third-party logistics firm needs to be employing the latest tech. Real time tracking, good communication, and the latest platforms are all things that customers have come to expect when they're buying products online. A third-party logistics company that's falling behind on its IT infrastructure and upgrades just isn't going to be as valuable to you.

Direct-to-Consumer and Direct-to-Retail Capabilities

You need a 3PL logistics company that can do it all. Shipping right to consumers and right to retail partners are both required in the modern market. If you thought direct-to-consumer was the only skill set needed, think again. Shipping to a retail partner can expand your market and get customers who still prefer to shop in person. A good third-party logistics firm can handle both. This is especially important for smaller companies that don't have the time or staff to manage multiple inventory systems and deal with extra work. A 3PL logistics firm keeps this process simple and stress-free for you.

Your 3PL Logistics Partner in Santa Ana, CA

At Eleets 3PL, we believe that we can satisfy the above criteria and offer even more services to your company. Contact us at 714-426-4255 to learn more about the benefits of partnering with our logistics experts.

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