Retail Logistics: Mastering the Holidays Retail Season

Here at Eleets 3PL, we know that there are logistics challenges to tackle all year round. That being said, few times provide as many tests as the holiday season. As shoppers migrate to online stores and retailers experiment with new initiatives like faster shipping and in-store pickup, things can change rapidly under your feet during this busy season. Here's a look at what you can focus on during this tough season and how you can finally master the holidays.

Get an Early Start

You don't want the holiday shopping season to sneak up on you. Preparing in the fall isn't going to cut it. You're going to want to start getting prepared practically once the last holiday shopping season ended for the best results! This gives you time to get the software you need. Your warehouses and logistics partners are prepped for a high-volume season. You're ready while parents are focusing on summer activities for their kids instead of holiday shopping. Being proactive makes a huge difference.

Make Your Holiday Season Longer

This may seem counter intuitive. Do you really want to have this stressful season stretch out longer? In some cases, yes. Spreading out your holiday sales can make a big difference. Instead of having to deal with everything on one day or weekend, you have the flexibility to spread out your best deals and discounts. This is especially true as e-commerce sales have taken over. Consumer’s online shopping habits are changing retail logistics and putting new stress on stores, but spreading the season out and getting some breathing room can help.

Consider a 3PL Service

The holiday season can be hectic. You have to track everything going in and going out during a high-volume sales period, and the last thing you need is an error that causes unhappy customers. That's why making use of a third-party logistics, or 3PL, provider can help. We can handle shipping, warehouse management, and even customer service. We even take on the most complex ecommerce logistics tasks. We act as an extension of your brand, ensuring that everything is covered even as the holidays get hectic.

Put Effort into Training Your Temps

Every holiday season hundreds of thousands of people join the workforce. How prepared each employee is can make or break your season. Taking shortcuts when you bring your temporary employees on board can mean frustrating situations and customer dissatisfaction. Make sure that these temps are ready to solve problems and contribute. Otherwise you're just paying someone to be in the way, and it's your fault for not taking the proper time to train them.

Stay Customer-Friendly After the Sales End

Once a customer purchases an item from you, that seems like the end of the transaction. In reality that's not always the case, especially during the holiday season and especially with the rise of online shopping. You need to be ready during and after the holiday season for customer service challenges and returns. With all of the competition out there, returns need to be as simple as possible and you need to have a method of dealing with returned inventory. Keep these tips in mind, and you'll conquer the holidays this year.

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