Our Predictions for 2019 - Trends in 3PL

Here at Eleets 3PL, we're always trying to predict the latest industry trends. Staying ahead of the game is our priority, so we closely look at market trends to see what the next big thing might be. The logistics sector is primed for continued growth in 2019, so we want to know what consumer preferences, retailer actions, and other factors are getting ready to shape the industry. Here's a look at what to expect from the third-party logistics sphere next year.

Advances in Last-Mile Delivery

This last step of shipping is crucial. While outside shipping companies are often responsible for last-mile delivery, bringing the product right to the consumer, a bad experience can still reflect poorly on a vendor. That's why many are likely to invest more in technology and new advances that improve last-mile delivery. Making sure that a product gets to a happy customer is paramount, so the focus on last-mile delivery certainly won't abate in 2019.


More and more tasks in the logistics sphere could soon end up involving automation. This is one of many 3PL industry trends that are ensuring that employees in this sector will be less involved with labor-intensive “busy work.” Instead, advances in automation will free up workers to handle more important and complex tasks, as opposed to routine picking in a warehouse or other similar jobs that could be handled by automation. Warehouses and distribution centers that employ this new technology can reduce errors and improve efficiency, compared to those facilities that only use human workers.

Use of Analytics

The 3PL industry is also going to make more use of analytics and similar technologies. These tools can help a third-party logistics firm spot issues or areas where they can do better. Analytics can help improve sales and consistency, ensuring that customers get the same great experience every time. “Big data” and analytics could end up making a huge difference in this industry in 2019 and the years to come.

The Rise of Value-Added Services

Another one of the 3PL industry trends we've noticed is that just delivering a good service isn't quite enough. A third-party logistics firm needs to differentiate itself from the rest of the pack with value-added services, like freight visibility or free audits. Third-party logistics firms are ready to show that they can do far more than get something from point A to point B. 3PL logistics firms will offer more visibility, which makes supply chains less complex and confusing, which leads to lower costs and even better service. Very soon, you'll see that some services you never even heard of a year ago have become must-have amenities for shippers and customers.

Internet of Things

Going hand in hand with automation, the “Internet of Things” is poised to change how many logistics companies do business. Computing devices are being implemented into more and more everyday objects, giving freight brokers and logistics companies more data that can help them improve their effectiveness. Of all the 3PL market trends out there, the rise of the Internet of Things could be the biggest game-changer. And rest assured that Eleets 3PL is staying ahead of all of these trends and offering the best service possible in 2019 and beyond.

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