Third Party Logistics

Receiving (Inbound)

Eleets3PL will schedule inbound shipments from your vendors, check goods received against packing lists and purchase orders provided, verify counts, receive inventory into the agreed upon software, and stage product for order picking & packing via pack and scan technology.


Eleets3PL will adjust inventory, perform quality control and replenish to its assigned location within our warehouse.

Shipping & Supplies:

Eleets3PL will bill client at our bulk-discounted % rate.

Warehouse Management System

We integrate with your current ERP system. Our cloud server gives you 24/7 availability from any internet connected computer. No software installation or maintenance is required.

Packing (Outbound):

Eleets3PL will create “Pick Tickets” based on release and will pick/pack/ship all delivery orders pursuant to your instructions and customer specifications entered into the software including invoices, packing slips and COD when necessary. Shipping accuracy is provided via pack and scan technology.

Monthly Storage:

Eleets3PL will sort and store your merchandise in our clean and secure warehouse facility.


We provide each client with an account representative dedicated to servicing your account.

We also provide the following services upon request:

  • De -­ vanning
  • Cross Docking
  • Special Routing
  • Ticketing/Smart Tagging
  • Garment Hanging (inc. Hangar)
  • Special Projects Labor
  • Poly Bagging
  • International Shipping
  • International Shipping with Certificate of Origin
  • Rush Orders
  • Pallets
  • Special Packaging

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